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East Hunsbury Primary School operates the following policy on its website regarding the use of photographs, to ensure the privacy and safety of pupils at the school:

  • Where pupils are named, only their first names are given;
  • Where a pupil is named, no photograph of that pupil is displayed;
  • Where a photograph is used which shows a pupil, no name is displayed.

By observing these points, the school ensures that visitors to the website cannot link images of pupils to names of pupils. When choosing photographs for the website, the school is mindful of the way pupils may appear in them, and will not include images which are in any way inappropriate, such as close-up portrait shots of individual pupils.

The school follows a policy of seeking parents’ permission before using images which show pupils on the website.

No other private information about pupils is ever published on the website such as surnames or contact details.

The East-Hunsburyprimary School is an integrated health and education model serving children, and their families, from birth through the transition to high school.

We are recruiting children and families from the communities of East Palo Alto and Belle Haven to join us in August 2016.

The East-Hunsbury Primary School is a new model of integrated health and education dedicated to serving children and families in the communities of East Palo Alto and Belle Haven. We are recruiting children and families to join us in August 2016. We work closely with local authority appointed private health companies like the Weight Management Center and Discovery Learning to devise pastoral care programs for children and families affected with special needs issues related to autism or childhood obesity.


Find out how we are bringing together education and health for children.


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